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All Things Shaker

French Beaded Flower

The Nantuckets

Shaker oval boxes and carriers are our specialty. Cherry and Birdseye Maple lumber begins its transformation in our shop as rough planks. By a process of sawing, precise thickening, trimming, hand carving, tapering and drilling, we transform this raw material into bands which are ready to be bent forms and secured with copper tacks.

When the bands have dried, oval tops and bottoms are carefully fit and held in place with small wooden pegs, just as the finest originals were. The characteristic swallowtail tapered lap joint, while beautiful to the eye, is not purely decorative, but is a feature firmly rooted in function. This joint is precisely what allows the box to breathe with changes of humidity.

According to references of beaded decorations, it is estimated that the art was practiced across Europe and England as early as the 1500's. In an effort to support themselves, French and Italian peasants used to collect defective or discarded beads. The beads were then strung on wire and shaped in to flowers designs. The finished flowers were used in bouquets, alter displays and memorial wreaths.

Because of the work and skill involved in creating these beautiful "works of art", beaded flowers have always been collectible and timeless treasures. Many antique flowers can be found in museums, as well as many private collections, all over the world.

In 1659 when the first white settlers came to Nantucket a need arose for storage and transportation of household wares. Basket making was one of the many skills that that the friendly natives taught the new settlers. These early baskets were made with materials that were readily available at the time, namely ash, oak, or hickory.

These woods were made into splints by pounding and separating along the annual rings. This style of weaving baskets is the origin of many styles of baskets still produced today. Of all these styles perhaps shaker baskets most readily reflect their connection to the original methods and materials used by the early settlers. (click on "read more" to learn more.

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